Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Florida: Day 2

The weather while we were there was a bit cooler than normal, however it was still mid to upper 70's so we weren't going to complain. :)  The second day that we were there we did have some rain and it was probably the coolest day of all, so we decided it would be a good day to check-out the Imaginarium (a hands on children's museum and aquarium).  We knew it would be nothing like our Children's museum but we did have a good time.  Highlights from our morning included seeing the various animals, specifically the turtles and alligators.  Nolan even got to pet and feed some stingrays.  We watched a 3D Dinosaur movie, which you know Nolan loved.  Nolan still talks about how the "T-Rex gave the brontosaurus a booboo."   

After the Imaginarium we went into downtown for lunch at Ford's Garage.  We were able to sit outside, although it was breezy.  Then it was back to the trailer for naps.  The rest of the day we spent hanging out around the trailer and enjoyed pizza for dinner with Kevin's dad and Tammy.  A good second day! :)

 Checking out the starfish 

 "They were swimy!" (slimy)

       Love the palm trees!

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