Saturday, December 19, 2009


During the summer of 2008 Kevin and I took up running. Not usually together but both of us were running consistently about 3-4 times a week. Now anyone who knows me knows that running is not something that I ever really enjoyed or did. I tried to take up running the summer I was in the Dominican Republic but that was short lived. But the summer of 2008 I actually started to really enjoy running and could often be found lapping around our apartment complex or running on the Monon. I started off barely being able to run 1 mile but by the end of the summer I could run between 3-4!!!!...but then school started got cold....I got pregnant...and the running stopped. While I was pregnant with Nolan Kevin and I did a lot of walking and mapped out several routes around our subdivision. Throughout my pregnancy i would get these urges to go for a run so when I got my OK from my doctor at my 6 week postpartum appointment to return to all physical activities I decided to give the running another try. I did a couple walk/jogs with Nolan in his stroller along one of the routes Kevin and I had been walking towards the end of my pregnancy. It felt so good to be out running and when I got home I would crave going out again. i even enjoyed running outside as it began to get colder and enjoyed looking up longer runs at I was surprised at how quickly I was able to get back to running 3-4 miles. Then one day I got this crazy idea that I would like to run the Indy mini marathon that takes place every May on race weekend. This is something that I thought would be cool to do at some point but not something that I had ever thought seriously about. I have several friends who ran it last year, which i obviously couldn't do being 6 months pregnant. Kevin also recently started running again and so a few weeks ago we decided to register for the mini!!! It is now too cold for me to run outside and so Kevin has added me to his gym membership so I can continue my running on the treadmill. I think the training will be much more enjoyable when it gets nicer/warmer out again and I can continue my running outside. At times we wonder what we have gotten ourselves into ( running just over 13 miles) but overall I'm really excited about it and am looking forward to the accomplishment. :) Encouragement and training tips are welcome!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sweetest sound

Tonight Nolan giggled for the first time!!! It took place on his changing table after bath time (I remember Kevin telling me he thought Nolan's first giggles would take place on the changing table because he has always seemed to enjoy being there). He loves bath time but usually does not enjoy the time immediately after as we dry him off and put him in his pjs. However, tonight he wasn't crying and seemed to be somewhat content. As I was getting ready to put on his diaper I saw his little tummy and thought of my brother Jon who has just been waiting to blow on it, so i decided I would give it a try and...out came the first little I did it again...and again I heard the giggle. I called for Kevin who didn't believe me until I did it again and sure enough another giggle. The look on Nolan's face was as if he didn't know what was going on but he seemed to be enjoying himself. We have been waiting for these giggles. Many times when he flashed us one of his huge smiles we thought one would slip out and tonight it did...and it sure was one of the sweetest sounds!!! :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Latest

We have had a lot happen over the last few just doesn't slow down and neither does Nolan. For Thanksgiving we hosted my mom, Julia, Josh, and Jeffrey. Unfortunately Nolan and I were both sick and I even spiked a fever of 102 on Thanksgiving morning. This was the first holiday that Kevin and I have hosted as a married couple and the first turkey that Kevin has ever cooked. Despite being sick we had a wonderful time and the food was all quite tasty. We sure did have a lot to be thankful for this year. It's amazing to look back over the last year and realize all that has happened and the many blessings we have received....finding out that we were expecting Nolan, Kevin turning 30, my graduation from graduate school, buying our first home, grandma (great grandma) Baines and cousin Helen coming to visit from England, finding a job that is flexible and that I love, having a trouble-free pregnancy, the birth of Nolan...I could go on and on (but perhaps I will save that for our Christmas letter...:)).
As I mentioned we have had a lot to be thankful for and most of all at this time I find myself being thankful for our beautiful, sweet, baby boy Nolan. It is hard to put into words the joy and love that he has brought into my life. I can't believe that he is 3 months already!! He has grown and changed so much in the last three months and while I wish that the time was not flying by so quickly I enjoy each new day with him and seeing what new things he will do. He is pretty focused on his hands right now. He hasn't figure out how to suck on just one finger but seems to prefer the whole hand or a number of fingers at once. It's pretty cute. He also continues to work on the rolling thing and if not swaddled to sleep we often find him on his side when we check on him. He hasn't given us a true giggle yet but his smiles will melt your heart. He also seems to be discovering his voice and is becoming quite the chatter box, especially in the morning. At times he seems so serious and focused as he is making his noises....I wonder what he is trying to tell me. Needless to say we are enjoying Nolan and can't imagine life without him.
The following are some recent photos including his 3 month pictures Kevin took and some from our Christmas photo shoot!