Monday, May 10, 2010


Well all the months of training paid off. Saturday Kevin and I woke-up bright and early (my mom came down for the weekend to watch Nolan....thanks mom) and drove downtown to take our spots to run in our first Indy mini marathon. It was a cold and very windy morning, which made deciding what to wear quite difficult (didn't want to freeze but also didn't want to get too warm when running either...). Waiting for the race to start was quite cold but once we started running it wasn't too bad. Kevin and I ran the entire race together finishing in just under 2 1/2 hours. I was so proud of both of us. It felt so good to cross the finish line together. The walk back to our car was quite painful (legs didn't really want to move) but I was already saying that I would do it again next year (Kevin still isn't ready to make that commitment). It's still hard to believe that I ran 13.1, someone who never used to enjoy running and who thought that running 2 miles was rough. I can still remember two years ago when I ran one mile around our apartment complex and was ready to swear off running forever, and now I think I have found a new hobby. I plan to take this week off to give my body a good rest before I go back to my running. I definitely plan on running the mini again next year...who's with me!?!? :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Watch Out Here I Come!!!

For several weeks now Nolan has been using a variety of moves (rolling, pulling, twisting, and I guess a little crawling) to get around. He hasn't been moving too fast but he could eventually get what he wanted. Today, his 8 month birthday, he started to army crawl and he can definitely get what he wants and he is moving faster and faster each time. Kevin and I realize that our lives are about to change (again). Getting ready in the morning is going to be a bit more of a challenge since we can't just set him up in the middle of our bed with some toys. And Nolan is already into anything and everything that he can get into. Now that his world is expanding this means more things to get into! :) I guess this is why they invented pack n plays! :) It has been so fun (and a bit scary) watching him accomplish this new skill. He gets so excited when he gets the item he was working so hard to get to. Watch out world, Nolan is coming to get ya!!!