Saturday, August 16, 2014

Our summer

Nolan went on his first sleepover. 
We added a sandbox under the play set.
We enjoyed lots if icecream. 
We visited friends in Michigan. 
We enjoyed a visit from grandma Liz, aunt Julia and uncle josh, and uncle Jon and aunt Rach!  

We did swim lessons. 
We spent time with friends in jndy.  
We rode bikes around the neighborhood.

We enjoyed pool time at grandma Liz's 

Nolan and daddy went to the state fair.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Monday, February 24, 2014

Making memories Florida 2014: Day 3

Wednesday morning we decided to check out a new park and it turned out to be an awesome park.  It had a great playground, lots of space to run/walk/bike/explore.  We saw 3 wild alligators, several turtles, and lots of cool looking birds.  We even got to take a little train ride around the park.  

After the park and Lucas had a nap (most naps occurred in the car) we headed to the beach for the afternoon.  

We enjoyed building (well I built) sandcastles and knocking them down, walking along the beach (Lucas saying hi and bye-bye to most people), and splashing in the water (until it got up our nose or in our mouth...).  

Wednesday evening kevin and I enjoyed a date night and the boys hung out with Kevin's dad and his wife Tammy.  

Making memories in Florida: Day 2

Tuesday we started our day by heading to Napels to visit their zoo.  It was a bit pricey but the boys had fun.  

We took a boat ride around several islands where their monkies live.  

Later that afternoon we headed to the beach.  

Friday, February 21, 2014

Making memories in Florida 2014

We arrived Monday morning around 6:30am after driving through the night.

The boys enjoyed checking things out while the car was cleared out. 

We then headed to one of our favorite parks here.  Nolan and kevin played and Lucas napped in the car.  

We then picked-up a few groceries and headed back for more sandbox playing, napping, and then pool time.  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Some recent favorites

Nolan's bath art!  He loves writing words.  The names by the drawings he wrote without asking me how to spell them.  

Above are pictures of Lucas going "nigh nigh" in the laundry basket and then asking where "nonie" is.

Brushing his teeth like a big boy.  But he will always be my baby!  :)