Monday, February 24, 2014

Making memories Florida 2014: Day 3

Wednesday morning we decided to check out a new park and it turned out to be an awesome park.  It had a great playground, lots of space to run/walk/bike/explore.  We saw 3 wild alligators, several turtles, and lots of cool looking birds.  We even got to take a little train ride around the park.  

After the park and Lucas had a nap (most naps occurred in the car) we headed to the beach for the afternoon.  

We enjoyed building (well I built) sandcastles and knocking them down, walking along the beach (Lucas saying hi and bye-bye to most people), and splashing in the water (until it got up our nose or in our mouth...).  

Wednesday evening kevin and I enjoyed a date night and the boys hung out with Kevin's dad and his wife Tammy.  

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