Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winter Fun

This summer we realized that we would probably be spending a lot of time at the Zoo and so we decided that we would benefit from a Zoo membership...and it was definitely worth it. The last event that we went to at the zoo was Christmas at the Zoo and that was cold! Now that it has become colder we were looking for other ways to spend our time and keep Nolan busy on weekends. I had been thinking that the Children's Museum might be fun and we had heard from other friends with children around Nolan's age that they had been and really enjoyed themselves. So a few weeks ago we bought a membership and headed downtown for our first visit. Nolan loved it and Kevin and I had fun too! I really like how there are things for children of all ages and I think it will be a place that we will enjoy going for many years.

We have already been to the Museum two times (so have already gotten our money's worth from the membership). The first time we went as a family of three and then last weekend while my mom was visiting (Gramma Liz) we thought it would be fun to take her. We enjoyed the new Mr. Potato Head exhibit and some of the other areas of the museum that we did not go to or did not spend a lot of time in the first time.

Nolan is already asking to go again! I would definitely recommend it to others! Enjoy the pictures below from our two visits.

Fun at the Children's Museum

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Thursday, February 9, 2012