Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 4

 Thursday morning was nice and sunny but a bit chilly so we decided to play some put-put golf at Jungle Golf.  This was Nolan's first time and he did a pretty good job.  As you can see by the pictures this place was beautiful and full of exciting animals.  Nolan definitely had fun checking out all the animals along the way and I think they kept him excited to keep playing.  Of course Nolan didn't follow the rules completely, but it was exciting to see him hit the ball into the hole and yell "Woohoo!  I winned!" almost every single time.
 Nolan and Daddy with the elephants


 Nolan and the baby gorilla.

 Lucas enjoyed his morning nap while we played.  This made it difficult for me to bend down and get my ball out of the hole so I would usually ask Nolan or Kevin to get it for me.  One time after I asked Nolan if he would please get my ball for me he smiled and said "yes, your majesty."  Where does he come up with this stuff?! :)  

After finishing our game we went to Target to pick-up a few groceries and other odds and ends we needed. Then it was off to enjoy a yummy lunch at Shaols and back to the house for afternoon naps.  Later that afternoon we decided to head back to the beach we had explored on our first evening.....

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