Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 3: Fun in the Sun

Wednesday was a big beach day.  We decided to drive across the bridge and go to Fort Myers Beach.  Both boys had a blast!  I was really nervous about having Lucas out in the sun with his fair skin so we rigged a little shelter for him to play under... although it was a challenge trying to get him to stay in it! :)  This was the first time for both boys being at a beach with the ocean.  Nolan enjoyed jumping some waves with daddy until he got splashed in the face and received a taste of the salt water.  Lucas again loved playing in the sand (eating the sand) and sitting in the water.  I think one of Nolan's favorite things to do was to have me build castles for him to knock down.  Days at the beach are definitely different when you have children (not quite as relaxing) but how fun to see my children enjoy themselves and experience the beach for the first time.     

Nolan eating his Jimmy John's sandwich....bread and turkey.  Plain, plain, plain.


 Checking out the water

 Love his faces

 Lucas's sun fort
 We had to build two because then Nolan wanted one too.

 Sitting in the chair like a big boy

After the beach it was back to the house for baths and naps.  For dinner that evening we headed out to Maria's for fish.  Kevin's dad and Tammy joined us and we had a wonderful meal.  Nolan surprised us by trying the fish and liking it!  "MMM, I wike fish!" Kevin showed Nolan his plate and asked Nolan how many pieces he wanted.  Nolan pointed to each piece saying "that one, that one, that one..." and he proceeded to eat the whole thing after eating all three of his decently sized chicken fingers.  Another successful and enjoyed day.   

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