Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Food Nolan Will Eat

Nolan is a picky, picky eater.  When we started him on baby food there wasn't really anything he wouldn't eat. He ate fruit and veggies no problem.  However, when we started table foods the picky eater emerged.  One of the most frustrating parts of this picky eater is that he usually won't even try the food to know whether he really likes it or not.  He just looks at it and says "I don't wike it!" and runs away.  There are so many foods that I know he would like if he would just try them!!  I mean until recently he wouldn't eat chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. What kid doesn't like those things?!  I finally got him to try grilled cheese and pb&j by using animal shaped cookie cutters to cut them into different shapes.  For the most part Nolan prefers things to be plain:  pasta without sauce, plain rice, toast without anything on it, etc.  He also doesn't really care for a lot of sweet things...he has to be in the right mood for candy and again it has to be pretty plain (kisses, jelly beans).  He won't eat things like cinnamon rolls and he's not a big fan of ice cream (this makes me wonder if he is my child). As time has gone by I have tried not to stress about his eating habits, however sometimes I can't help but worry that he's not getting everything that he needs...especially since he doesn't eat veggies (unless you count pasta sauce..and corn).

Now that I have started to say that Nolan is a picky eater, I have been shocked at some of the things that he does like considering how picky he can be.  For example:  tonight we got Chinese and Nolan ate an entire spring roll...veggies wrapped and fried!  or I make a lasagna with chicken, spinach, pesto, and mushrooms that he will eat.

At 2 1/2 here are some of the main things Nolan WILL eat:

chicken nuggets
French Fries with "chech-up"
hot dogs
grilled cheese
almost any fruit
fruit snacks
baked beans
corn on the cob
plain rice
plain toast

I hope that one day Nolan will be open to trying more foods but for now I guess we will keep offering things to him and be happy for the things he will eat! :)

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  1. My Dad used to have a hired hand working on the farm who would only eat pb&j or pizza until he came to us. When harvest comes around though everyone makes cooked dishes and brings them out to the field and he didn't have a choice about what he ate. Silly boy discovered that he really did like all kinds of things. Hopefully Nolan will try things before he gets into high school!