Wednesday, May 30, 2012

38 weeks

38 weeks and soooo ready!!!  I think we are as prepared for the arrival of baby #2 as we are going to be and now we are just waiting.  I have been realizing that I am much more of a control freak than I ever realized or let myself admit before.  This need for control is making it so hard for me not knowing when this little one will make his arrival.  I was induced at 41 weeks with Nolan and hoping that doesn't happen again this time, however I am also nervous about going into labor on my own (because of the lack of control of when that would happen and also because of how quickly Nolan was born...I want to make sure I make it to the hospital!).  Nolan seems to be ready and open to the idea of having his baby brother to come and live with us.

We would appreciate your thoughts and prayers over the coming days and hopefully not more than a week as we anticipate the arrival of baby boy #2 (no he does not have a name yet!).  

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