Saturday, February 5, 2011

Learning and Play

Nolan is at such a fun stage (I'm sure I will continue to say this as he continues to grow). Lately I have been fascinated watching him play and seeing how much he really understands and everything he can do. i have previously posted about the signs Nolan does and these are just one of the things that I have been impressed with and have loved watching him learn. I definitely think that the signs have helped to avoid a lot of frustration on all of our parts. And as i mentioned in my last post he has started using some of the signs ("more" for example) in other contexts than we had first introduced them.

He is also learning more words and animal sounds, which sound so cute coming out of his mouth! I can't wait to see what his next words will be. Speaking of animal sounds he has mastered "moooooooooo". Today we were hanging out in the living room and we were asking him what the cow says and he said "moooooooowaaah" (he puts a little waahhh at the end) and then walked back to his play room saying this over and over again. A few minutes later he comes walking back into the living room with a huge smile on his face with a little toy cow that moooos when he squeeze it!! It was too cute.

Another story.....For the most part Nolan is pretty good at listening and following directions, even when we are telling him no or to stop doing something (I hope this continues :)). Similarly, if we ask him to get something or find something he can usually do it. For example: the other day Nolan was playing with the keys to our Saturn. When Kevin went to leave we search everywhere for the keys and couldn't find them. After Kevin left I turned to Nolan and asked him where the keys were and he walked straight to his diaper bag and pulled out the keys!! I guess we should have asked him first?!

These are just a few stories of the recent things that have happened that have brought us joy and amazement. Like I said we are having so much fun with Nolan. It is hard to believe that he is 17 months old already. I have been organizing some pictures to do some scrap booking and it has been amazing to look back over everything that has happened and how much he has grown and changed since he entered into our world.

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  1. i love that story about the keys! that's awesome.