Monday, January 24, 2011


WOW!! Time keeps getting away from me. We have definitely been keeping busy. Nolan is such a busy body that if we aren't running around with friends or family we are running around the house after him. This really is a fun age but also an exhausting age. :) Here are some updates on Nolan....He is a climber, he tries to climb anything and everything and you can tell how proud he is of himself when he has accomplished getting where he wanted to get. He has started signing "please" (so he now sings: "eat", "milk", "please", "all done", "bath", and "more"...i think that is it. He is starting to sign"more" for other things besides food which has been fun to see (example: if he wants to me read a book again he will sign more...). He still loves books and he definitely has his favorite ones. He can be very independent. We recently discovered that he really likes salmon but won't touch veggies. He loves other kids and animals. He is very sweet and gives lots of hugs and kisses. He has several words and we can tell that he is working on some new ones (he can often get the beginning or ending sounds). He is getting into coloring and it looks like he is going to be a lefty!!! He loves to help me vacuum and walks around the house with his little toy vacuum...if it really worked we would have the cleanest carpet!! He is A LOT of FUN!!!!

In other news, Nolan has had several ear infections in a row and after an ENT consult today it has been recommended that Nolan have tubes placed. I'm not so excited about him having to have anesthesia but we know lots of people with kiddos that have had tubes and the procedure seems pretty straight forward and quick. So you can keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we schedule this procedure and have it done in the next few weeks.

Now for some recent pictures for you to enjoy!

Look at those blues

why not hang out in the box?!

Little bears fan (he put the hat on himself)

He loves playing with pots and pans

Little cowboy! (he got this hat for Christmas)

Family picture before the game

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