Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some recent pics

Last weekend we went to Trader Point Creamery for Christmas on the Farm. They had a neat little farmers market, food and warm drinks, little crafts for the children to do, Santa, reindeer, and slay rides. We didn't spend a long time there and i think Nolan will probably enjoy it all more next year but it was fun. We went to see Santa first and as you can see from the pictures below (besides the family picture that was taken last) Nolan was not a fan of Santa....oh well, the pictures will be fun to show him when he is older. He enjoyed looking at the reindeer (he loves animals) and running around in the grass. Enjoy the pictures!
Nolan was not impressed with Santa and was reaching for momma

Really not happy

First time out in the snow this winter

Nolan is quite the picky eater and so meal times aren't always fun...but he seems to be enjoying himself here

Nolan signing "eat"

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