Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nolan's Dedication

OK, so this is about a month late but I just realized that I don't think I posted about Nolan's dedication at church. It was such a special day and weekend. The weekend started on Saturday February 13th when grandma Liz, uncle Jeff, aunt Jules, and soon to be uncle josh came down. We spent some time with them before Kevin and I went out for a date night leaving Nolan with the others. It was nice to have a night out with Kevin (definitely doesn't happen that often) and I know the others really enjoyed spending time watching Nolan. Kevin's dad/grandpa Jerry and aunt Libby also showed up later that evening. On Sunday we all met grandma Sue and Deb at church. It was so great to have all of them there to share in the special day. There was a special blessing for Nolan and also a special blessing for us as his parents with a time for prayer. I was a bit nervous about what kind of mood Nolan would be in since his morning nap usually takes place around 9 and church started at 9:30, but he was happy as could be....quite the little entertainer. Whenever he would look at Kevin he would smile and started kicking his legs. A reminder of the joy he has brought into our life. After church Kevin's family had to take off to get back home and the rest of us went out for a meal at Binkley's where I used to work. We then spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around the house watching the Olympics, taking naps, and being entertained by Nolan. It was a weekend of being reminded about the blessing of family and the special gift of Nolan. Bellow is what our pastor read at the time of Nolan's dedication:

Nolan Keith Myers, We dedicate you to the One who made you and will always love you from now into eternity. In a world of despair, may God grant you the gift of hope and joy. In a world of doubt, may God grant you the gift of faith and zeal. In a world of brokenness, may God grant you the gift of healing and salvation. Now may God's Spirit protect and guide you until the day when you make your own confession of faith. Amen.

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