Sunday, May 26, 2013

Quick update

Life with two little boys, working full time, and keeping up with everything else that needs my attention sure keeps me busy.  I'd like to blog once every week or two but we'll see what happens.  For now, know that we are doing well, just really busy! :)  Here are some pictures from the last several months for you to see some of what we have been doing and how the boys are growing.

I found this really cool idea on Pinterest for making these eggs.  You make a little paste with liquid starch and flour, blow-up water balloons (the hardest part!  thanks to Kevin for blowing these up for us) dip the embroidery floss in the mixture, wrap the floss around the balloon, let it dry, pop the balloon, and walah!  

We went up to my mom's for Easter weekend.  We had a lot of fun with my cousin Carrie and her two boys.  Her oldest, Tyson, is Nolan's age and her youngest is Lucas's age.  It's always fun to get them together.  We enjoyed a chilly egg hunt.


Life around our house:

Lucas continues to be a very happy guy.  Overall, he's pretty chill and I call him my cuddle bug because he often crawls over to snuggle.  However, when he's down and moving around you have to keep your eyes on him at all times because he is into EVERYTHING, much more than Nolan ever was at this age.  He hates being told no.  That's when the red-headed madness comes out.  He loves to eat, which is another way that he is completely the opposite from his older brother.  He is such a joy!

Nolan.  He is full of energy and very independent.  He is a picky eater and likes things "plain".  He loves talking about how big he is getting and showing off his muscles.  He can often be found playing with dinosaurs, legos, or other animals, and he loves making forts and animal caves with the cushions from the couch.  He can be a big helper but also a little stinker.  It's fun to hear him singing the songs that he is learning at school, seeing him being proud of himself when he accomplishes something new on his own (like writing his name or making his own jelly sandwich), playing with his friends, and watching him interacting with Lucas.


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