Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nolan turns 3!!!

It has been a month since I have posted anything.  A lot has happened in that month but I will start with Nolan's birthday.  Our little Nolan is not so little anymore.  On September 2, we celebrated Nolan's 3rd Birthday!!  Three?  Already?!  Since Lucas was born I have been reminded about just how much Nolan has grown and changed in the last three years, and how quickly that time was gone.  He really is a sweet kid, with a huge imagination.  He continues to be a pretty picky eater, although he has started trying a few new things and is now eating one vegetable:  carrots.  He is very active, loves going to the park and swinging on the swings and playing polar bear on the rock steps.  He is a sweet big brother (most of the time) and has been such a helper to mommy and daddy in caring for Lucas.  He loves school, is potty trained except for naps and overnight,  and hands down his biggest interests right now are dinosaurs.  So, it was no surprise when I asked Nolan what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday he said "um...maybe a DINOSAUR ONE!"

We we spent Nolan's birthday weekend (also my last weekend before returning to work) at my mom's house in Goshen.  Nolan said he wanted to go to the beach for his birthday so that Saturday our family of four, my mom, Kevin's mom, and Kevin's sister Libby went to Wacco beach in Michigan where we had been earlier in the summer.  It was a cooler, overcast day, but it was a good time.  We spent Saturday afternoon/evening at my mom's getting ready for the birthday party.  Sunday afternoon was the party day and Nolan's actual birthday.  Guests included:  my mom, my sister Julia and her husband Josh, Kevin's mom Sue and Deb, Kevin's dad, our friends Matt and Erin, my Aunt Connie and Uncle Byron, Kevin's sister Libby and her boyfriend Jeremy, and my cousin Carrie and her husband and their two boys Tyson and Jordan.  Tyson is Nolan's age (11 days apart) and Jordan is Lucas's age (I think 18 days apart).  We had a wonderful time and are so blessed to have been able to celebrate Nolan's birthday with great friends and family.

Here are a few pictures from Nolan's 3rd Birthday weekend celebration.

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