Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Many Happenings

It has once again been a while since my last post and so much has happened. One of the biggest updates is that I have started my first job as an MSW!!! :) I am the Program Coordinator for the Fresh Start to Life Program at the St. Vincent Primary Care Center where I had been for the past school year doing my practicum. So far I am really enjoying it. It is nice being in a familiar environment while learning a new role. The program is a prenatal program (how fitting right?!) that provides prenatal classes, education, and support to pregnant women at the clinic. My job includes coordinating the classes as well as doing some care coordination and additional one-on-one education with women who desire extra education or who have been identified as needing additional education and assistance. I have only seen a few women at this point but hope that things will pick-up as the doctors, nurses, and other staff learn my role. I enjoy everyone that I work with and am learning a lot of important and helpful things while getting paid!!

Another big happening is that I have now officially graduated from graduate school. Almost two weekends ago our families came down to help celebrate both graduation and mother's day. It was a wonderful weekend with family and friends. Two years of hard work have come to an end and I can now use the skills and knowledge that I have gained to do what I enjoy.

We are also getting settled in our new house....and WE LOVE IT!!! It is so great being in our own space. I have painted the kitchen, our bedroom, and the guest room. We still want to paint the bathrooms and the baby's room. It has always felt like home but it is now starting to look like our home. We still have some boxes to unpack and some decorating to do but it's coming right along. I will have to post some pictures or you could just come and visit!! :)

And finally, a baby update....things are great. I'm still feeling really good, although i am starting to experience some back pain and find that I can easily wear myself out. I'm learning how to take breaks and pace myself, which has taken some getting used to. He continues to be a little mover and we can now see my tummy move at times when he gets really active. This is exciting and a little crazy!!! haha I have my next appointment next Wednesday. I will get my sugars tested and receive my shot since I am Rh - and Kevin is Rh+. I continue to enjoy pregnancy and we look forward to meeting this little guy...although we still have a lot to do!!!

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