Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What do we need?!?!

Ok, we could use some help! On Sunday Kevin and I went to Babies R Us and began our registry (we also plan on registering at Target). It was fun and also quite overwhelming. I had no idea that they could fill an entire wall with bottles!! We got a good start but I know there is more to be done so I want to throw out a few questions to all you parents out there....What are your top (lets say 10-15) must have items, especially for first time parents? And, what are the items that you would NOT recommend (are there things you registered for or bought that you didn't use or turned out to not be as great as you thought they might be)?

This is your chance to provide some helpful information and advice! :)

Oh, and for the ladies....where did you buy your maternity clothes? My friend Laura suggested Motherhood, where I have been several times and really like. Are there other suggestions...cheap suggestions? I feel like every time I turn around I'm getting bigger (which is exciting and overwhelming since I really don't want to spend lots of money on clothes).

Thanks for all the suggestions!!!


  1. My top registry items:

    1). car seat most hospitals (the good ones at least) won’t let you bring them home with out one..
    2). Stroller if you are on the go like us
    3). monitors
    4). diaper bag
    5). swing...I call it the miracle machine
    6). bottles but don’t buy alot of one until you know your child will like them. we went through six different bottles all recommended by friends, before we found ones we liked.
    7). if you are breastfeeding...the hooter hiders are wonderful so are the boppy pillows
    8). Bumbo seat...these are great for sitting before they can on their own. We used ours a ton.
    9). Diapers diapers diapers of all sizes...you will definitely use them and wipes. no need for a warmer...
    Remember to have fun: you will figure out as you go what works for your child. You always borrow things too, if you have friends with babies.

  2. I think you will have to find your own way on some things. As I look at Nichole's post I realize just how different two people's top ten can be. I definitely second 1 and 3 exactly as is, the rest of my list looks slightly different. For example we used a stroller for the first time a few weeks ago! I would put a sling/ mei tai baby carrier at the top of my list in place of the stroller. I liked carrying my baby, and it was really handy around the house and not just when we left the house. 4 is good too, but I just bought a big bag that I liked, not an actual diaper bag. 6, whatever you do always use slow flow nipples that are as close to the shape and feel of an actual nipple as possible so that you don't have to worry as much about nipple confusion (preference). 7. I second the hooter hiders, I haven't actually tried these but I have heard amazing things about Lily Pads and want to try them with our next baby. I had a boppy and felt like it got in my way, but I use it for other things so either way it's not a bad buy! 9. I want to put a little plug in for using cloth! I know most people think it sounds gross, but it really isn't so bad, ask Greg. Bumgenious are the best, wish I would have started with them. They are one size diapers that will take your kid all the way through potty training, but you will probably want to buy at least one big pack of the newborn diapers because they are a little big on brand new babies, especially if yours isn't a chunk. If you go with clothe exclusively I would recomend getting about 24 diapers, but if you want to just try them out get maybe three to start. The initial cost is something of a shock, but in the long run they are both extremely economical and eco friendly. I also have switched from disposable wipes to cheap cloth washclothes which I bough at Wal-mart (I know, evil empire). If you go with cloth I also strongly suggest getting a large diaper bag (not the cute tote, but a bag to put dirty diapers in) instead of a diaper pale. They are so much less stinky because you throw them in the wash with the diapers and everything comes out clean and smelling great. One more very important item to add to the list if you go with cloth diapers is disposable liners. These are great for the first six months until your kid starts eating solid foods. The other option, which I think I actually like better but only works at home, is a sprayer that attaches to your toilet. One of my friends has one and she says it makes everything so much easier and less gross. They only cost about $40.

    That's it for now, Luke just woke up so I need to go take care of him. Have fun finding out what works for you guys and don't stress out soo much about it, you will find your own way!

  3. Hi Jen. First, you are looking so cute pregnant! Isn't it amazing?!

    It is pretty overwhelming looking at Babies R Us stores and wondering what of all this stuff do I really need?! I agree with what has been said above, you just sort of have to figure it out on your own and every baby is different! Both our boys really enjoyed the swing and bouncy seat. We didn't have a carrier/sling that I liked (we had a snugglie backpack-I found it uncomfortable and hurt my back) But IF we would have another, I would like to find a good sling. Strollers are great. Bottles- can be tricky; both our boys took the Advent bottles without any problem and I have heard good things about Dr. Brown (I think) Monitor-just depends on your house and if you are a heavy sleeper. We didn't use the monitor very much at our house in Dayton but use it a lot here. I used the boppy pillow nearly everytime I nursed and it is also nice to support the baby when they are starting to sit up. A good electric pump (Medela is great) if you plan on nursing and working. Lots of burp cloths, sleepers, onsies, receiving blankets for the first few months. (I'm trying to remember what else... :) ask if you have a specific question about something)

    For maternity clothes...I got a lot of clothes at Motherhood. I also liked clothes from Old Navy, Target, some from Kohls and J.C.Penney. Is there a Once Upon a Child in Indy? They would probably have some used maternity clothes.

  4. Jen, I broke down and bought the Lily Padz I was talking about in the other post above. I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE them. They are deffinitely a must buy. They are a little expensive, and the package says they last two months, but if you take care of them well you can use them a LOT longer, a friend of mine says that she thinks she will be able to use hers for her second baby! That makes them WAY cheaper than the disposable kind, and I think they work better and are more comfortable than cloth ones. Check them out, I think they are definitely worth it!

  5. MY advice is to borrow as much as you can to save the money! EXCEPT...my opinion is to buy a stroller taht you love, that fits your needs and that will last. You use it the longest and it will make life easier down the road!

    I personally think swings are a waste of time but I also had two babies that didn't particularly care for them. Some people save it saves them!?!

    I will say the bouncy seat we have (hand-me-down) has saved our life and Quinn absolutely LOVES it as did Isaiah.

    Clothes: on-line is good to...I looked alot at GAP and Old Navy for specific items I couldn't find other places. They both have good sales but Motherhood is good and Target has some really cute stuff right now!

    GOod luck. Some of it you just have to find your own way and others you won't know until trial and error when the baby is actually here! Every babe is different so somethings are hard to know!