Sunday, February 15, 2009

Over 12 weeks!

I am quickly approaching the end of my first trimester. How crazy and exciting. While I have not been sick to the point of vomiting I have been experiencing quite a bit of nausea and nightly headaches (apparently mom experienced these headaches as well...). The nausea and headaches have been making completing school work in the evenings quite challenging, but lucky for me this semester has not been too challenging...yet.

About a week ago I had an interesting experience while shadowing a social worker in the ER. I have learned that I should not pursue a career as an ER social worker and should probably stay away from other areas of the hospital as well. Long story short, I fainted while in a patient's room who has advanced breast cancer that has not who has not received any treatment. Needless to say I was not prepared for what I would see or smell when I entered the room. I remember starting to feel faint and overheated, however did not find my way out of the room quick enough. I am told that I was caught by the doctor that was also in the room and was completely out, however I do not know for how long. I was checked into the ER (I guess if I was going to faint it might as well be in an ER where there are plenty of doctors and nurses to care for me...) and evaluated. I called Kevin who was still at work and so he came over to the ER to be with me. Everything was fine. I hadn't eaten anything for several hours and my blood sugar was a bit low. I was provided a snack of orange juice, crackers, and cheese and sent home. Since then I have been the the doctor and again was told that baby and I are fine.

I do look forward to my doctor's appointment in two weeks. It's so exciting to get updates on how things are going. Kevin and I have been doing our reading on what to expect when you're expecting and follow a website that talks about pregnancy week by week including what mom can expect as far as changes with her body, what is going on with baby, and suggestions for dad for how to support mom! :)

I'm finding that pregnancy while very exciting can also be quite stressful. I just want to make sure that I am doing everything right. It can be overwhelming reading all the books about what you should and shouldn't be doing. I have been doing some walking on the treadmill at our apartment's fitness center and have started doing prenatal yoga (using a dvd). I've really been enjoying the yoga.

Well, I think I'm going to call it a night. Hope you enjoyed the update! :)


  1. Enjoy it...don't even attempt to do everything right.. You will stress yourself out. Remember that God chose you to be a mommy...and he will prepare you with what you need to know. He is good like that.

    Just enjoy every minute..

  2. I agree with Nichole. Don't worry about doing everything right, the books all disagree anyway. Trust yourself and your body. I think you are a fairly healthy person anyway and the walking and yoga are great, (Keagles are also really good, especially because they are easy to do and they help a lot to keep you from getting sciatic pain in later pregnancy and keep you from having problems with incontinence afterwards! fun, fun!)

    Just curious, what is the name of the yoga video you are using? I got one when I was pregnant too and looked at a second one on line a couple of times. I liked mine ok but I think I want to get a different one for my next pregnancy, a little variety goes a long way in keeping me interested. It's just hard to know which video to get unless you can get good recomendations from a friend or try it yourself ahead of time.

    I think the main things to remember are to check out meds before you take them with your Dr, and relax and enjoy the pregnancy. (Also don't ever take castor oil to try and induce labor, it doesn't work most of the time and it just makes you have terrible diarrhea and cramping). I really liked reading up on everything when I was pregnant too but I stuck to things that I knew I would agree with, more wholistic natural reading, but not too out there. One thing I wish I had done ahead of time was to go to La Leche League meetings. I didn't find out until afterwards how helpful they would be with learning about breastfeeding and since a lot of times nurses are missinformed or have personal baggage that gets in the way of giving correct information I really wished I had started going before Luke was born. It doesn't cost anything to go and you can take a friend with you if you are nervous about going the first time. I'm sure there are probably several in your area to chose from so you can go to a bunch of different ones until you find a group that you feel comfortable with. I think you can find local groups for your area at Happy pregnancy!

  3. I am sure you will do everything well, don't stress out too much though about it, it might make it worse for you ;) Enjoyed reading the last updates, and I hope you are feeling better now. I hope we will read more about your pregnancy and how things are going and that all will be well at the doctor's which I have no doubt about

  4. Don't stress about doing everything!!!! BUT, coming from a yogi..please make sure if you are doing a video that you SCOOP your tailbone, even if they don't tell you too. It is imperative, especially for pregnant women and will keep you from unnecessary back pain, especially in the last stages!!!!