Friday, February 27, 2009

Baby Update

Today I had my second official prenatal appointment. I had been looking forward to this appointment but also a bit nervous at the same time. I wasn't nervous about the baby but nervous about how much weight I may have gained since my last appointment. I know that I'm pregnant and will and am supposed to gain weight, however i felt like in a matter of weeks that I had packed on the pounds! My clothes definitely aren't fitting as they used to and I've found this to be an awkward stage of pregnancy as far as clothes go. Most of my clothes don't feel quite comfortable but maternity clothes are still a little big. I definitely can tell that I'm starting to pooch out, but at times it feels like I'm just gaining weight and not pregnant. I was presently surprised when I was told that I have gained about 5 pounds and everything is looking good!

We were again able to listen to the heartbeat, which she found right away. Kevin was quite relieved saying that while he didn't want to tell me he was a bit nervous after they weren't able to find the heartbeat after my fainting episode. I think our doctor has the magic touch as she had no problem finding it the first time or this time. She asked if I had felt any "fluttering" yet and said that over the next several weeks I will probably be able to begin to feel the baby moving around. For those of you who have had a baby or are pregnant, when did you first feel your baby move and what did it feel like? I know it won't feel like a big kick or anything but just curious about what it might be like.

We were able to schedule our appointment for the ultrasound which will be at the end of next month. We are planning on finding out the sex of the baby at that time. While we went back and forth at first about finding out we decided that for planning and everything it will be fun to know. Plus, if you know Kevin you know that he has a hard time waiting for things (he had my engagement ring for a total of like 3 days before he proposed...just too excited he couldn't keep it to himself! :)) We will go to St. Vincent Women's Hospital for the ultrasound and also have our monthly dr's appointment that same week.

So far everything is going smoothly. I haven't had any nausea this week, however the headaches continue. We appreciate all the love and support everyone has shown. Our prayer is that everything continues to go well. This is definitely a very exciting time!


  1. congrats...

    fluttering...or whoshing would be what you first feel..then small kicks. it is hard to notice with the first. Sometimes I just felt things with the ultrasound and then i new I was feeling the baby.

    Congrats on the house too. Can't wait to see it. We will be down next week for surgery. I am sure we will be very trapped in the hospital..but if you want to stop by give me a call. Surgery is Friday and we will be discharged Saturday afternoon.

  2. I also agree with above comment, it is hard to notice with the first one although they seem to grow at a much mor alarming rate after the first! You will eventually know and damn the kicking which never seems to stop after 7 or 8 months.

    I do feel you on the headaches so maybe we should talk...since I don't trust computers, email your address to Eric or me if Kevin has it and we can keep in better touch...

    So happy for both of you! Yeah, and I don't blame Kevin for not wanting to wait! Why would you when you ahve all this technology!

  3. The first time I KNEW I was feeling the baby I was at 18 weeks and sitting at the computer typing a blog post and all of the sudden I felt something like pop corn popping right in the middle of my lower abdomen. I think I had felt the baby move lots before that but like they said, I was never sure if it was the baby or just gass until right then. After that it wasn't hard to tell the difference at all. I always loved feeling the baby move! It was so amazing to me. I did hate when the baby had a lot of hickups though. For some reason the regularity of them irritated me where the irregular kicks and movements did not. Towards the end of the pregnancy he did sometimes kick my ribs enough to make me feel bruised occasionally but if Greg would drum his finger tips lightly over where he had been kicking the baby would stop and I felt a lot better.

    Can't wait to see the sono pics! One thing I am looking forward to with my next pregnancy is the fact that I will have easy access to a sono machine and lots of helpfull friends eager to see the baby!

  4. oh, one more thing, go to Motherhood! Their clothes are great and always made me feel much better about the way I looked! Also you don't have to wait until you are huge to fit most of their things. If you can find a consignment shop that specializes in maternity and baby things they usually are full of things from Motherhood.

  5. thanks for the suggestion....i am def. getting to the point where i am going to need to transition to maternity clothes because mine just aren't cuttin' it!! we have a great consignment shop called once upon a child (i think) where i plan on doing a lot of shopping for baby clothes. not sure they have maternity clothes though..but i will check out Motherhood.

  6. I felt both babies around 16 weeks. it felt a little like popcorn popping in my belly or gas at first. But that early, it was always when I was being really still and quiet, like napping or playing around on the computer. It's very exciting and I always wanted Seth to be able to feel that (which, of course, was impossible until much later =) Thanks for keeping us posted! You're in our thoughts and prayers for sure!