Friday, June 15, 2012

Welcoming Lucas Paul

We are now a family of 4!  Lucas Paul joined us on Monday afternoon and we are thankful for a safe arrival and healthy boy.  I had been hoping to go into labor on my own but we decided after our 40 week doctor's appointment last Friday to schedule an induction for Monday if nothing happened over the weekend.  And...nothing did, so Kevin and I dropped Nolan off at daycare and headed to the hospital at 8am.  We had agreed to start the induction by trying to break my water first before trying any medications.  One of the doctors broke my water around 10am and things progressed from there.  Mom and Julia came straight to the hospital and were both with us for the birth.  It was an intense couple of hours but I was again able to have a drug free, natural birth as planned.  Lucas only weighed 2 ounces less than his big brother did at birth and was the same length.  Lucas has red/auburn hair, which I had when I was born and I have been told that Kevin's grandpa was also a red head.  I guess we will see if it stays.  So far, Lucas appears to be more calm than his older brother.  He definitely lets us know when he is hungry and not happy about diaper changes, but he has already had longer sleeping periods (without being held) than we had with Nolan and in the hospital we even had to wake Lucas up for feedings.  He has spent more time in the swing than Nolan ever tolerated and is an eating monster.

It has been so sweet watching Nolan with his little brother.  He was quite protective of Lucas the first time he came to visit us in the hospital, and my mom told me that on their way to visit us the second day Nolan said, "My Lucas is my best friend."  I can't wait to watch my boys grow together and hope that they do grow to be best friends.  

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  1. He is soooo adorable, Jen! I just love that red hair. Congrats, and I can't wait to meet him. :)