Saturday, March 24, 2012

Catching Up

I always feel that I'm trying to catch-up on here. Life just never seems to slow down. We really have been keeping busy lately with work, potty training, running around after an extremely active 2 1/2 year old Nolan, enjoying the wonderful weather we have been having, and getting ready for baby. The weather has been incredible and we have been enjoying a lot of outdoor activities: playing on the swing set in our backyard, going to the park, going for walks around the neighborhood to look at cars, etc. I'm afraid what having this weather now means for later this summer, but for now we will enjoy it. I have to say the beautiful weather really has made a difference with my mood. This pregnancy has been a lot more challenging than the first. I think a lot of it just has to do with trying to keep up with Nolan and not getting to rest/relax when I want/need to. The aches and pains definitely started earlier and I was wondering how I was going to make it to then end...but over the last several weeks with the weather and some decreased back pain I'm feeling better.

Time is flying by and we now only have 12 weeks at the most left before we get to meet baby boy Myers #2. We do not have a name for him yet and most likely will not have agreed on one until he is here. Our last appointment was on Friday and Kevin noted that overall his heart rate has been lower than Nolan's typically was and so Kevin made the comment that maybe that means this guy will be more calm than Nolan! haha Time will tell. :) I am excited to meet this little guy and see what he will look like and what his personality will be like as well. I have to keep reminding myself that he probably will not look like Nolan did when he was born but it is hard to imagine anything else at this point.

We have finally started working on some of the bigger projects in preparation for baby's arrival. Luckily with having another boy we don't have many major purchases that need to be made for the baby but we do have some adjustments and other purchases that we have had to make and will be making in preparation for his arrival. We went back and forth for a while about whether to have the boys share a room from the beginning (well from when we move baby out of our room) and keep our guest room but decided that it might be easier to just keep them separate at this time. So we have been working on updating Nolan's rooms and turning it into his "big boy" room. First step was buying a big boy bed. This transition has been surprisingly easy. Nolan will stay in bed in the morning and yell for us to come and get him. The only time that we had issues were during the first couple of naps that he had in his bed. I am regretting not taking a picture now, but the first time he was supposed to be napping in his bed, I went into his room and at first couldn't find him. After some looking I finally found him squatting behind his curtain with his pants over his head, completely passed out! It was so funny, especially since Nolan has never been one to fall asleep in weird place. I lifted him up and put him in his bed and we really haven't had any issues since.

In addition to the big boy bed, Kevin is refinishing his grandmother's dresser that we previously had in our room and will put in Nolan's room. We are changing curtains and will be moving more of Nolan's toys into his room. With giving up our guest room we will be turning our sunroom/Nolan's playroom into the guest room, which means we would like to move most of the toys out. We bought a daybed from IKEA today (Kevin is currently putting it together) that will be our new guest bed. It can be pulled out into a double or be used as a single and has storage as well. We do plan on keeping the guest room as it is for the most part until we decide to move baby into his own room. It will be nice to have the two spaces for family and friends when they visit after baby's arrival.

Well, this is starting to get long and while there is still a lot I would like to write about I think I will end this here and write more later. I will also include some pictures of the changes around the house.

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