Saturday, July 16, 2011

Growing so Quickly

Wow, time has flown! The previous posts are pictures from our wonderful trip to England in the middle of May. I had planned on making a post dedicated to that trip and now that I'm finding the time to sit down it has already been two months since our trip! We had a great time and it will be a trip that will always be remembered as a very special time. For the majority of the time we were with my grandma (Great-grandma Jane) and had the opportunity to visit with lots of family that I had not seen in years and that Kevin (and Nolan) had never met. My mom traveled with us which was a huge help and blessing. My brother Jeff and his girlfriend Britta joined us for the last half of our trip, which was also very special and added to the fun. It was great spending time with grandma and having another opportunity for her to spend time with her first great-grand child.

Nolan's vocabulary really took off while we were in England and since we have returned home he has not slowed down. His new word this week is "found" and so he has been spending a lot of time finding things this week with the exclamation "FOUND" or "FOUND ONE!!!".

Also since getting back from our trip he has taken more interest in airplanes, trains, cars, and pretty much anything in the family of moving machines. Whenever we are outside he is the first to notice when an airplane is flying over our house. He loves walking down to the entrance to our neighborhood and watching the cars go by.."car. FAST!" And he has to read his Thomas and James train books at least 3 times each before going to bed.

Nolan still is not a big eater but he loves his milk. He is becoming more independent wanting to put on his own pants (even if both legs go through the same leg hole), and he wants to do pretty much everything by himself. :) We have started potty training but know that it could be a long process. Today he asked several times to go potty and actually went, which was very exciting. We have an Elmo learns to go potty coloring book and sticker page that he seems to think is pretty cool, so we will see how it goes...any tips would be appreciated.

Besides enjoying Nolan's growing vocabulary we have enjoyed visits with family, trips to the pool, cookouts with friends, and several trips to the Indianapolis zoo with our zoo membership. Last night we went to Zoolapalooza at the zoo and had a wonderful time. There was dancing and singing with a live band, free train rides, yummy food, splashing in the splash park, and viewing the animals in the cooler evening weather. Nolan was heard several times exclaiming "Oh, WOW". It is so fun watching him get excited as he discovers new things and learns new skills. He can definitely be a challenge, but a fun challenge! :)

We hope you are enjoying your summer and I will try to do a better job of keeping this blog updated!!!

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