Saturday, January 23, 2010


TEETH!!! It is official...Nolan is teething. We noticed earlier this week that Nolan had a little, sharp, white speck poking through his bottom gum. Kevin discovered this when Nolan pulled Kevin's finger into his mouth and chomped down. After seeing it with my own eyes I later felt it myself while nursing (ouch!!)....and the next day we noticed that it wasn't just one tooth making it's way out but two. They have not pushed all the way out but they are definitely there and he is chomping away...on EVERYTHING!!! He seems to be handling it pretty well...a little extra whining but he also has a stuffed nose making it difficult to breath and a horrible old man's cough.

In other updates we have begun experimenting with solid foods. At Nolan's 4 month appointment his doctor said we could begin on baby foods. We have mainly been sticking to rice cereal (which he seems to think is ok..especially if mixed with breast milk), but have also tried carrots a few times. I think we will continue working with the rice cereal for now and start more with the baby foods over the next month or so.

He still isn't sleeping well...wakes every 2-3 hours...4 hours if we are really lucky. My mom talked with a lactation consultant she knows who told her that Nolan is what they call a "reversed eater or feeder" which basically means that he doesn't eat much during the day (mom isn't around...) and then eats all night (because mom is there). She said he will probably grow-up to be a persistent guy who knows what he wants...sound like anyone? haha He is his father's son! :) So for now I guess it means frequent waking and feeding during the night....I'm not sure how long we should expect this to go on....or how long I can keep going on being so sleep deprived....

Overall the little man is doing quite well and we are enjoying him more and more each day. It is a joy to see him changing and doing new things each day. I was just telling Kevin this morning that I can't believe that in just over a week Nolan will be 5 months old...didn't he just turn 4 months?!?!

I don't have any new pictures on this computer so will have to post some in a later post.

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  1. I hope he doesn't bbite too much! Luke only bit a few times initially. I had learned from LLL meetings to hold him closser initially when he bit, pulling him into the breast, which magically made him let go a lot faster. Then as soon as he let go I put him down and stood up and stepped one step away. He really didn't like that so I think he only bit he while awake once or twice. Unfortunately he will occasionally bite down while falling asleep at the breast. I have learned to watch for the signs and take him off before he gets to that stage of sleep so even that type of biting hasn't happened very often.

    Good luck with both the biting and sleeping. You already know our solution to the sleeping problems, Luke was the same way and it took him a long time to not be quite so wakefull at night. Of course with our solution we didn't really push him to stay in his own bed or anything, so I don't know if it might have ended sooner had he been in another room or something.

    Thanks for the post, I need to update my own blog soon!