Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11 Years Ago

On this day 11 years ago my family's life was changed forever with the death of my dad, Keith (where Nolan got his middle name). Today I grieve not only the loss of my dad but also the loss of Nolan's grandpa. I grieve the fact that Nolan will never be held by his grandpa Gingrich, will never play catch, be tickled, or get to tug on his grandpa's great beard....however, while these are all great losses I know that my dad is present with us and with Nolan in a very special way. I look forward to being able to tell Nolan about his grandpa and through the stories and the many pictures we have Nolan will know his grandpa Gingrich and feel his lasting presence.

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  1. Dear Jen, and Nolan,I am sure that Dad does continue to touch and be a part of your lives in many ways, and is present in the joy you have in your son. His influence will continue in the memories you share with Nolan, and through the way you yourself felt the strength of his love in your life. But yes we grieve that he is not here in person for us to hear his laugh and see the joy and pride he would have taken in his grandson