Monday, October 12, 2009

My Boys

The above is a picture that i took of my two boys one evening this week. Nolan can be quite fussy in the early evening and to give me a break from feeding (which often seems to be the only way to soothe the child) Kevin swaddled Nolan and began singing softly in his ear. Now I'm not exactly sure what song it was (it could have been a DMB song or one of the many songs that he makes up special for Nolan) but whatever it was it put Nolan right to sleep. Doesn't he look so sweet!?!?!? I love seeing these special moments of father and son...melts my heart every time. Kevin is such an amazing dad and you can tell that Nolan loves his daddy so much already. Kevin has taken an active role in taking care of Nolan right from the beginning and for this I am very grateful. I often wonder what I would do if kevin wasn't here or willing to help in caring for Nolan. I love both of my boys so much and can't wait for all the moments that we will get to spend the three of us, just me and nolan, and for the special moments that kevin will get to spend with his son.

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  1. It will never stop melting your heart! There is just nothing better than seeing that love and vulnerability. It's adorable when they are babies and becomes a little different as the child becomes older...then you see the adoration in their eyes.
    Isn't it fun to write about "your boys"? :)